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Renovai Virtual


Designated for shoppers who are looking to design a room

RenovAI Virtual Designer creates unique custom design solutions based on each shopper's style, taste, and requirements.

RenovAI is creating an interactive 3D experience, where the shoppers can play, customize their room and shop the design in one click.

Renovai Scout

For shoppers who are browsing to find a specific item. 



RenovAI Scout searches and offers the perfect item based on the shoppers' personal taste and given room design in seconds!


Complete The Look 

RenovAI is creating custom recommendations for complementary items that match & complete each individual product of the retail.

Inside each product page, a CTL "Complete The Look" button will be added. When clicked on, the shopper is presented a photo-realistic image with the main item from the product page and complimentary items that "complete the look".


Furthermore, the customer can filter the room elements, swap items, and purchase them in one click!

Marketing Tool

RenovAI creates a full room design and photorealistic image based on items the user may have previously viewed. This is a sophisticated re-marketing tool, creating photorealistic content for email/Instagram re-advertising for individual users.

Once users have viewed an item on their product page or added items to their wishlist/cart; RenovAI creates a full room design and photorealistic image with these specific items including complimentary products in a tailor made photo-realistic design for each user.




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